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Link Download Video Our Moon Might Be Made Up Of Many Smaller Moons (62,487 views)

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Scientists have long agreed on a theory of how the moon was formed, but this study is stirring up a debate. How exactly did the moon form?

Why Does Earth Only Have One Moon? - https://youtu.be/2HoVa2-PLCM
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Read More:
Our Moon May Have Eaten Many Smaller Moons
"In research published on Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience, these multiple impacts may have created many moons, which eventually coalesced to create The Moon. Therefore, a massive Earth-Theia impact event probably isn't required."

Origin of the Moon
"A giant impact has been proposed as being responsible for forming the Moon, but scenarios that match existing constraints are improbable. Numerical modelling now suggests that instead a series of smaller and more common impacts can explain the Earth-Moon system."

How the Moon Formed: 5 Wild Lunar Theories
"Here's a brief rundown of the most prominent theories scientists have come up with to explain the moon's origin, including a few relatively wild ones with little observational evidence to back them up."


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Special thanks to Julian Huguet for hosting and writing this episode of DNews!
Check Julian out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jhug00

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